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    Beer Tote, Just kicked it up a notch or two ....

    This project wasn’t on the “to do” list but jumped in there when a friend wanted to build one. I thought WHY NOT build one for myself. First thing was to make it a bit well, unusual. I am in Europe at the time and 1 liter can or bottle is the normal size beer I buy. So that went into the dimension equation. Then to make it different. YEA,Different. A drawer for snacks might be necessary. Well folks, here is the results. OH YEA…. the lock on the drawer…... picture #3 …. It is held in place by the LEFT FRONT bottle. No spilling the snacks out of this beer hauler. I also added an opener of local design. I took a 2 Ruble coin and drilled it for the bottle cap opener I have made dozens of times. Did I mention a liter of Vodka fits in there too….....Did a bit of “flat” carving on the drawer too. OK, now I’m done.

    Carry on….............

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  • 05/29/15--09:11: One for my son
  • One for my son

    My son and I both work overseas in the electrical field. You have seen several of this type of truck I have made over the years showing the Embassy or post I worked. I decided to make a truck that shows off the places Matt has worked. I haven’t made a truck for each place he has worked, but I listed the places he has worked as an electrician since 2010 on this one. I also suspect there will be places that I will have add in the coming years. Picture #3 are a “few” of my trucks from work stations. Picture #4 is my present embassy in Moscow, Russia and hopefully my last. Someday hopefully we will get back together and I can hand it to him. Simple builds, but a lot of memories with each of them. Oh, the grill is an arc shield from a 400 amp I line breaker.
    The Green one dates pre- 1998 when I still had Perkins Electric in Florida.

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  • 06/20/15--03:28: A Gypsy Truck ?
  • A Gypsy Truck ?

    I Make trucks, I make wagons, so why not combine them into a GYPSY TRUCK? This idea just evolved I had an idea but no real plan on how it would turn out, I just let my imagination go and had fun building this truck / wagon /way of life. Nothing special for the woods used, mostly scraps off the bench. I did a bit of turning, a bit of carving and a LOT of time into it’s making. The more you look at it the more little things you’ll find. Bottle of wine in the cup holder, detailed interior to name a few. I am thinking of making a diorama to set it in.

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  • 07/05/15--10:13: What's all the fuss about?
  • What's all the fuss about?

    This old timer just returned from a trip to the far mountains. His head cover is the same one he has worn most of his life, his great grandfather died carrying a flag bearing the same stars and bars forming our young country. The history of our country is a part of it’s history.
    His hair has turned white now and his beard is long. The question he asks is a simple one ”How can we know where we are going if we don’t remember where we have been?

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  • 07/11/15--23:53: Our past & Our future
  • Our past & Our future

    Today my britches are GREY, my jacket is Blue, color does not matter. The sword on my side would never be a weapon of choice in today’s military, it is symbolic like many things in history are. Today I take off my hat to our nation’s flag’s. One for our nations history, the other for our future. Ahhh yes, THE BOOK , Well, that is a choice we all have in our hearts, one that no government can control.
    Russian Lipa wood and accessories. Carved flags, Apple Barrel acrylic paints

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  • 09/13/15--20:01: Back from a camping trip
  • Back from a camping trip

    Although I have made several of this type trucks, this one is the most detailed. Then I decided to add the teardrop trailer to kick it up a notch. The main wood is Rosewood I found here in Russia. The laminated pieces and bumpers are White Oak, Purple Heart, White Oak. The spalded looking wood is from a local trade day purchase and NO I don’t know what it is. Birdseye Maple is the running boards and Cocobola accents throughout send it out looking good for the trip. The roof of the camper is simple White Pine stained to look like a tin roof. The luggage has one other piece, maybe it was also a hunting trip? Doug

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    Go Back, way back, remember these?

    The RODS I new as a kid. When I finished my last truck I had the idea firmly planted that I was going to build a “C” rod truck. It would be powered like the flat head that has sit in my garage for way too many years, waiting for a re-start that might never be. Steering works, even the correct rotation for the plug wires. A fun build for me. Zebra wood, Cocobolo, Rosewood, Add what I picked up around the bench.

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  • 10/12/15--20:17: Cub Scouts in Moscow, Russia
  • Cub Scouts in Moscow, Russia

    I am working at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow right now. I found out that there is a Cub Scout Pack here at the embassy. So I decided to help out some.
    I made a whole bunch of rough carved neckerchief slides. Each one is different like the little hands that will add the finish to them. I added a small piece of sandpaper to them and they have a woodworking project for the next pack meeting.

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  • 10/31/15--07:24: Rain Man
  • Rain Man

    The first thing you will need to do is turn up your volume and listen to Tanya Tucker’s hit song, Rain Man.
    Now that the mood is set, sit back and look at the pictures of my idea of what the Rain Man might have looked like.
    Woods are all hardwood and a lot of bench cleaning makes up the build. Russian Lipa was used for carving.
    Inspired by Tanya, carved and built by Doug

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  • 02/23/16--20:39: Jeweled Wizzard
  • Jeweled Wizzard

    I’t has been awhile since I posted anything. Here is a WIZZARD that I have had on my bench for a long time. I finally used the long weekend to get-r-done.

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  • 03/20/16--06:54: Perkins Pickle Wagon
  • Perkins Pickle Wagon

    I don’t paint many projects but once in a while they just shout out for attention. I solicited the artistic abilities of Michelle Anderson to add the touches to make the wagon special. The handmade wheels are wrapped in copper foil. The little block head man and the 2 Labrador’s are my carvings. The chocolate one is like ours that always has a ball in it’s mouth. Steering and the brake system follow my others and are like most early wagon makers, unique to the use the wagon was made for. [I never make any 2 the same.]

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  • 04/29/16--01:20: 3rd Beer truck
  • 3rd Beer truck

    Beer Truck III
    This is the 3rd beer truck I have made in the last 10 or so years. Each one seems to have more, or different details added to them. The main cab and accent wood is Brazilian Cherry I found here in Russia. Accents are from many different exotics and laminates off the bench. Fenders are 5 layers of wood’s, front bumper is 4 layers and has an almost black look to the cherry. The hood has 6 different woods to create the colors. The 154 bottles are from T&J’s stock. Each is hand painted several times and then hand cut foil labels applied, then they were sealed with clear urethane. The barrels are both bought and hand made. I cut them to look like staves and treated them to some gel stain wiped off across the cuts. A hand truck helps the driver haul the kegs to the restaurants. These are a fun build, but the bottles are sure time consuming. Thanks for looking. Doug

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  • 06/26/16--03:00: Simple Elegance
  • Simple Elegance

    I have made 100’s of these little SUV’s, truck’s, tear drop, and other trailers. I decided to kick this one up a notch and like so many things it went way overboard. The SUV is just a chunk of 2×4 with a knot in it. The trim is all exotic scraps off my bench. Wheels are store bought. The tear drop trailer is poplar with some more exotic accents.
    A fun build for sure. Last pic is some of my previous ones.

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  • 12/14/16--03:28: Wooden flags
  • Wooden flags

    A few of the flags I have made lately. They fly out of the shop as soon as the glue drys. Actually I give most of them away. All of these have 9MM casings for the stars. The picture of the blue field with stars and casings is a bit of a chore, but I like it. Think I will keep that one. Since I am in Alabama, guess I will make a few Confederate flags to expand the rememberance of where we have been, so we can see where we are going. Doug

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  • 01/07/17--05:44: Riding into 2017
  • Riding into 2017

    This started out to be a Santa carving, but the guy looked more like a biker, so it went that way. Next came the motorcycle and I was going to build one like my truck, wagons, etc. BUT this was a carving, so I ventured off on thin ice and carved it. The “blond” was needed to fill the back seat and so another carving was started. Then the details started popping up and up and UP. This has proved to be one of the most taxing carving I have ever done, but it was fun. As a life long motorcycle rider this will find a place on a shelf in my shop. Carved from Russian Lipa, Apple acrylics.

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  • 03/10/17--06:08: Hundreds of dollars, no way
  • Hundreds of dollars, no way

    We recently added an electronic dart board to our game room. A cabinet seemed necessary and with a “to do” list miles long I went to Google to find one. WOW, was I suprised to see $150 on the low end for a real wood cabinet, and prices going steadly up to nearly $500 for some, I stopped short of custome ones. So I set out to use up some scrap pine [walls are T&G pine] to make one. Guess it will work for us. under $5 in tensioned hinges and money to buy the necessary dart beverages.

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  • 03/19/17--04:15: Maw & Paw going to town
  • Maw & Paw going to town

    Maw & Paw have the wagon hitched up, tied the milk cow to the back and are off to town. All decked out in their Sunday best. The dog is ready to get a spot on the seat too. Been married 50 years, wedding bands are worn thin. I made everything in the picture. Thanks for looking, Doug

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    Latest walking cane with Elk accents

    This is a Mountain Laurel stick I carved from our property. The crook was a bit short so I added some Elk antler with Purple heart and a lighter scrap bolster. Joined with epoxy and an Oak dowel. The thumb rest is an Elk Ivory from an Elk I harvested years ago. Also doweled to the cane and epoxied in place. This stick fit’s me well and is fast becoming one of my favorite ones to use. 36”

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  • 09/22/17--05:38: Punken' Time
  • Punken' Time

    My wife wanted a pumpkin patch. She likes things up early and real pumpkins are usually mush by Halloween. So I thought why not start making to last. Some are full thickness Oak barn wood, just run lightly through the planner, some are thinner Oak barn wood and not run through the plainer but the edges are sanded so the stain highlights them. One is a slab of Red Cedar that I rounded off. And one is turned on my lathe. These will last year after year. Some left over deck stain and reduced acrylic paints add the color. Ideas are limitless, maybe some pine knots?

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    Latest in my "OLD PEOPLE" CARVINGS

    This guy was cut from Western Red Cedar, not my favorite carving material, too soft and grainy, detail is tough. I cleaned him up with dremel bits some and he turned out OK. I added him to my growing group of “old people”. Back to Russian Lipa for the next carving.

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